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Everyone deserves a second chance -- even a thief, a street racer and a cop who got in a little too deep. After all, the three women who solve cases for their elusive boss, Charlie Townsend, are no saints. They're angels...Charlie's Angels.


Working cross-functionally, I was able to bring a bit of the "the angels" to New York City via this branded experiential marketing event. Spearheading creative ideation and execution, I brokered a co-branded event sponsorship with show advertiser Cover Girl and secured cross-promotion for the series premiere on Cover Girl's branded banner ads.


Welcome to the Agency

Paying close attention to the marketing strategy for this modernized remake, the all-day branded event brought consumers a taste of Charlie’s Angels Miami Townsend Agency - the glamorous backdrop to all the action of the angels. 


The Townsend Agency ‘white’ activation captured the feeling of South Beach with white cabanas, carpeting and modern furniture, palm trees, and a cool chill vibe in the air. Visitors to the agency -angels in the making - had the opportunity to look and feel like an “Angel” for a day.   


Charlie’s Office

Upon arrival to The Townsend Agency, visitors were directed to Charlie’s Office Cabana where they completed their Townsend Agency Interview (release for a CG Makeover). 


Make Me An Angel

Next, these angels-in-the-making were invited to the main Make Me An Angel Cabana. This area was equipped with four Cover Girl branded make-up stations. Professional makeup artists were on hand to offer up quick mini-makeovers with COVERGIRL products transforming passersby into fearless, glamorous "Angels."


Pose Like an Angel

Once the mini-makeover was complete, event goers were camera ready and directed to their Angel photo shoot - a cabana set up with green screen technology that allowed consumers to strike their best "Angels" pose and have their photo taken in a selection of scenes that appeared on the large Times Square jumbotron. Participants received a branded photo in addition to having their big screen image emailed to them to share with friends and family.


The Exit Interview

Prior to departing The Townsend Agency, consumers were invited to complete an Exit Interview in Charlie's Office where they received a branded Charlie’s Angels Water Bottle.



* 5M Times Square visitor impressions/25,000 event footprint consumer impressions/1.5M Supersign impressions

2,600 Photo Shoot/Big Screen Shots

Over 600 “Make Me An Angel” Makeovers

Impressive press pick-ups to include; The Futon Critic, TV by the Numbers, Times Square Chronicles.



2.1/6 (A18-49) with 8.74 M Total Viewers

A significant year-to-year time period improvement! 


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