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film partnerships.

Dwayne Johnson

As global brand partnerships lead, I worked in concert with The Walt Disney Co. Partnerships & Promotions team to usher in approval on these Domestic and International partnerships that clearly aided global box office success! 

I collaborated at the intersection of filmmakers, Dwayne Johnson (who was also Executive Producer on the film), Disney and Seven Bucks Marketing fine-tuning details surrounding the creative development of supporting campaign elements. 

Disney Jungle Cruise sailed into opening weekend with $34.2 million in ticket sales from theaters and $30 million from Disney+. The film kept afloat at the box office, chugging its way to $100 million domestically after its fifth weekend! When the Worldwide box office cume reached $187M, we announced that Jungle Cruise sequel was in the works!

Below is a sampling of film partnerships I shepherded with the Disney team. 

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