Family Circle Magazine.






Partnering with Family Circle Magazine, I brokered and developed a clever partnership that aligned MasterChef viewers with the publication's valuable--and highly engaged--viewers. I worked in unison with show producers to integrate a Family Circle sponsored challenge, 'One Pot Wonders,' into a MasterChef episode in exchange for significant promotional value from Family Circle Magazine online/print channels. 

MasterChef home cooks had one hour and one pot to make one incredible dish! The winning dish would be published in Family Circle Magazine's digital edition. Family Circle loved this integration as it spoke to the heart of their readers--working parents who don't have the needed time to make a four-course meal--and organically provides relevancy to Family Circle Magazine in the minds of viewers. 

The Challenge: Guest Judge Daphne Oz visited the MasterChef set to be an integral part of an elimination round with the remaining top eight contestants. Daphne presented each with a mystery box challenge whereby the home cooks must use a cast iron skillet to make a dish, or, as Daphne coined it, ‘every working parent likes to call them, one pot wonders.’ Contestants had just one hour and one pot to complete this challenge.

FAMILY CIRCLE MAGAZINE: Editorial: 4 million circulation, 13 million total reach

  • 8.4M+ Total Campaign Impressions - 2-day flight

  • 2.45M+ Total :03s Global Views 

  • Ave Watch Time on YT: 02:41

  • 25.57% Onsite VTR 

  • 46.94% Instagram VTR 

  • 23.52% Facebook VCR

Ratings Success!!

3.1M total viewers (.7 rtg P18-49) tuned into this episode reinforcing that MasterChef is FOX’s #1 unscripted show of the summer!