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Dwayne Johnson


Spotify listeners can bring Dwayne Johnson into their workout routines with Progress Workout Playlist!

I brokered and produced this first-of-its-kind Spotify playlist available to free and premium Spotify users. Negotiating paid, earned and on-site media support from Spotify, I was able to usher in participation from Dwayne Johnson ('DJ') on this marketing partnership that extended storytelling around a new Project Rock apparel drop. The playlist offered a unique way for Seven Bucks to create lasting brand impressions by organically weaving in Project Rock's ad campaign theme into the playlist. Given strict advertising rules on the platform, I anchored the title of the playlist, DJ's audio liners and surrounding press strategy in Project Rock's ad campaign narrative: Choose Progress. 


Filled with all the tunes that get DJ's heart pumping in the Iron Paradise, this playlist provides you the ability to have DJ in your ears sharing motivational quips throughout 30 of his favorite tunes! To kick things off, DJ solicited his fans to supply him with the last 3 songs to fill the playlist. Engagement went through the roof making this the 2nd most commented marketing post of 2020 generating nearly 42K comments and 1.5M likes and a 99% positive response rate!


I composed five :30-second audioliners and managed all aspects of production to bring this to life as part of DJ's overall Project Rock consumer marketing strategy. These inspiring audio liners are motivational in nature and a unique touchpoint for DJ to be his natural, driven and encouraging self while inspiring people to ‘charge forward with purpose’ and to ‘choose progress through the work’--anchors for Project Rock media campaign.



In just one week, Dwayne Johnson's Progress Workout Playlist was the fastest-growing playlist on Spotify!



DJ's teaser post soliciting fans to help him identify the last 3 songs of his 30 song Spotify playlist reached 25MM fans worldwide, garnered over 41K comments in just four days making it one of DJ's most replied-to posts of 2020!


I was able to leverage support from Spotify that is typically reserved for Ad Sales clients. Spotify supported the playlist with paid media (IG, IGS, FB, TW, Snapchat & Pinterest), Content Hub Promotion (in-app home banner on platform), CRM (on platform), and social media (off platform, driving to platform) in all English speaking markets (US, CA, UK, AU, NZ). 

DJ brought awareness and pushed traffic to the playlist via IG story w/swipe up, retweet @Spotify on launch day. Additionally, DJ included a dedicate in-feed playlist post and link in bio to Spotify later in launch week. 


Earned media for Dwayne Johnson's Progress Workout Playlist attracted remarkable coverage in broad based and niche based media outlets to include but not limited to, health & fitness, sports, pop culture and men's outlets.

Dwayne Johnson's Iron Paradise Tour Playlist

DJ Social Asset

In celebration of Project Rock's Iron Paradise Tour apparel collection drop, I brokered a new playlist, this time, titled to the apparel collection name. Not only would consumers see ads in their feed promoting the new apparel line, but now they'd connect the dots with their own lifestyle via this new playlist!

The Iron Paradise Tour playlist launched in time with Under Armour and DJ's advertising campaign in support of the new apparel line rooted in themes of 'mental strength.' In order to keep the 255K+ followers DJ's Progress Workout Playlist amassed, we kept the playlist in tact refreshing only playlist cover art and DJ's new song choices.

Additionally, I leverage paid media from Spotify to drive streams to not only the playlist, but to our preferred musical track--Get Up On My Level--also utilized in DJ's social assets in support of the apparel drop. Spotify supported with CRM (mobile home banner and in-app modal), organic social support and targeted listeners of workout playlists. 

I successfully negotiated Spotify to utilize our video asset from the Project Rock ad campaign featuring DJ in the Iron Paradise searching for music on his phone--music being a key ingredient to tapping his mental strength--before clangin' and bangin' through his workout. Spotify used this video to drive streams via organic (TW, FB, IGS) and paid social (FB, TW, IG, Snapchat & TikTok). DJ supported via Reels, IG in-feed and IGS!

01 Get Up On My Level
00:00 / 02:50
Spotify Paid Media Asset

Additionally, we added a customized billboard at the end of the asset to include Spotify branding pushing to the playlist. Spotify placed paid digital on FB, TW, IG, Snapchat, and TikTok.


I shepherded music clearance and Materials Release Agreement between all entities. 

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