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BuzzFeed Tasty.




I developed a first-to-market paid placement to promote tune-in to the 10th season of MasterChef on FOX. Drawing inspiration from Buzzfeed’s extremely popular Tasty Story format, this 4 ½ min video featured Tasty's Senior Test Kitchen Manager, Alexis, ‘interacting’ with our judges via show clips as she cooked the winning dish from Season 1 while organically serving followers MasterChef Season 10 tune-in messaging.

This First-Ever Promotion Delivered:

  • 8.4M+ Total Campaign Impressions - during our 2-day flight

  • 2.45M+ Total :03s Global Views - across YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, BuzzFeed, Twitter, and Pinterest

  • 25.57% Onsite VTR - exceeding BF onsite VTR average of 6.09%

  • 46.94% Instagram VTR - exceeding BF Instagram VTR average of 32.88%

  • 23.52% Facebook VCR - exceeding BF Facebook VCR average of 19.39%

  • 8.85% YouTube ER - exceeding BF YouTube ER average of 0.62%


Ratings Success!!

Premiered to 1.1 L3 rating (P18-49)



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