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Dwayne Johnson




A definite career highlight, I spearheaded development of DJ's participation in what was the largest global event since the pandemic hit--the Tokyo Olympics on NBC! Touching more consumers in 17 days than any other sports or entertainment programming, the Tokyo Olympics was the largest national event, reaching more than 150M viewers. 

Bringing a creative edge to NBC's broadcast of the Olympic Games in 2021, DJ agreed to participate in three of the biggest segments during the Games in exchange for barter support for ZOA, his energy drink brand. I worked closely with the network on script development, special shoot with DJ, post production of his in-program segments and worked behind the scene to ensure smooth delivery of ZOA's first-ever commercial to the network to air during the Olympics.

NBC Olympics’ comprehensive coverage of the Tokyo Olympics is the biggest media event ever featuring an unprecedented 7,000 hours of coverage, including more than 5,500 hours of streaming coverage, 17 consecutive nights of primetime coverage on NBC, and a record 180 commentators.  

Opening Ceremony

DJ united the viewing audience during opening ceremonies, celebrating athletes of every background and color who are representing our country from every state in America!  DJ's heartfelt message applauded Team USA--who represents 'the best of us' exemplifying hard work and perseverance--right before they entered the stadium.

The Greatest Weekend in Sports 

On the heels of Simone Biles’ last-minute withdrawal from gymnastics finals, we quickly-pivoted to a narrative that allowed DJ to get viewers ready for the greatest weekend in sports, in which superstars (including Serena Williams, Naomi Osaka, Roger Federer, US Women’s Soccer, Dream Team, Katie Ledecky, Caeleb Dressel, and more…) took the stage to represent USA with their diverse athletic brilliance. 

Closing Ceremony

Before all of the athletes walk together into closing ceremony, DJ delivered a final address, reminding audiences that the story isn’t over and the Paralympics will begin in just a few weeks, and thank everyone for watching.


In exchange for DJ’s powerful support of the Olympic Games, NBC agreed to provide ZOA gratis :30 commercial placements in primetime/daytime Olympic programming. Commercial units valued at $2.5M per :30 and ran across NBC, NBC Sports Network and USA amassing 47 Million P2+ Impressions!

I was an integral part of the team developing ZOA's first commercial for placement during the Tokyo Olympics on NBC. Through the ingenuity of custom lyrics sung to 'Ode to Joy' melody, our commercial is an anthem of positive energy for the 'multi-everything' people in the world!

I spearheaded teams to expand storytelling in digital and PR to make DJ's Tokyo Olympics integration a massive 360 moment for ZOA, specifically creating an expanded edit for DJ's social which provided an additional storytelling source for earned media. Brand awareness was at an all time high throughout this exciting campaign evidenced by social listening reporting, on-site traffic surge, PR coverage and Team ZOA's distribution negotiations with big retailers, such as Wal-mart.

ZOA is the fastest growing new energy brand in 2021!


Working with PR agencies for each ZOA and DJ, I lead press strategy for both DJ's Olympic moment and ZOA's Press exclusive. 


Collaborating with Access Hollywood, we arranged for the outlet to run an editorialized piece on Access Online (umv: 1MM) about ZOA’s first commercial, its inspirational message and the huge moment with which it’s coinciding on the global stage of the Olympics. Rather than running the full commercial, which veers into branded/sponsored content territory, we identified an excellent workaround with Access editorializing a feature with snippets of the commercial, behind-the-scenes footage from the set, voiceover and a writeup to highlight the momentous occasion during which ZOA will be featured.

On the day of ZOA's first commercial placement during the Olympics, Access broke the ZOA spot with a 1 hour exclusive before DJ released the spot on his socials. The 100% share-of-voice featured highlights of ZOA’s first-ever commercial along with a writeup that amplifies ZOA’s key messaging: better-for-you ingredients and importantly, our mission to champion everyday warriors to embrace all the positive ways they use energy in their lives.   


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