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Dwayne Johnson




Super Bowl LVI

A first-ever for the NFL! Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson hypes Super Bowl team players, SoFi stadium attendees and a massive at-home viewing audience just before kick off of Super Bowl LVI! I brokered this amazing in-game LIVE moment on field for DJ working directly with the NFL, NBC, DJ, production teams, as well as a small team of internal writers to perfect his hype speech which 'rocked' the house, of course!! See here:

Winter Olympics on NBC

I brokered DJ's integration into the Winter Olympic Games on NBC. Working collaboratively with our trusted partners at NBC, I orchestrated communications, approvals, DJ's participation into special shoot and all relevant minutia of details to bring this amazing, cultural zeitgeist moment to life. The Winter Olympics Opening Ceremonies included this striking piece of content carried by the authenticity of DJ whose delivery is nothing short of spin-chilling. Working in unison with NBC Sports, this Opening Ceremonies piece is a convergence of great writing, emotional storytelling and genuine heartfelt pride for all that a Winter Olympic athlete stands for--just take a look, I DARE YOU! 

Super Gold Sunday on NBC

Working in partnership with NBC Sports, I spearheaded DJ's integration into NBC's Super Gold Sunday announcement utilized to open the 5 p.m. ET hour of the Super Bowl LVI Pregame Show on NBC and Peacock, setting the stage for the day’s historic slate of action. DJ led with posting the tease in social before it released across NBC Sports’ social platforms on Super Bowl Sunday afternoon. 

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