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It's Labor Day weekend in New York City and you, like a million other New Yorkers, want to get outta the apple to head for the Hamptons.


The Hampton Jitney pickup locations around New York City were prime for marketing ABC's Revenge series premiere!


Brand ambassadors gave out Revenge beach towels and print-out copies of the pilot script to vacationers standing in line waiting for the Jitney. This delicious read was perfect for beach goers to help pass the time on the ride to the Hamptons - which also happened to be the setting for ABC's hot new show!


Those who received a script were invited to enter the passcode printed on the title page to view the full episode of Revenge online for free. Then, after they've enjoyed the twists and turns of this saucy new show, Jitney riders were encouraged to share the episode with their friends...BUT ONLY THE ONES THEY TRUST



  • Total 1,600 towels & scripts distributed

  • 13,000 core audience impressions



Revenge Premiere WINS TIMEPERIOD!

3.3 (A18-49) rating, 10.02M Total Viewers 



Pickups on the stunt and tune-in info appeared in: The Hollywood Reporter, Yahoo TV, LA Times blog, The Futon Critic, Business Insider and more...





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