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ABC’s PAN AM took flight during Fashion Week in New York City with a branded consumer activation designed to offer an in-flight experience without ever leaving the ground!


Fashioned like the stars of ABC’s new retro-drama, ‘flight attendants’ engaged consumers in the brand by offering coffee & tea from a custom Pan Am in-flight coffee cart while talking about the show. 


Over four days, flight attendants circulated highly trafficked areas of the city promoting the jet-setter lifestyle of this new series. Handing out vintage Pan Am Explorer bags and branded track bags, they interacted with consumers talking up the show and promoting tune-in.



3,100 Pan Am track bags distributed 

500 cups of coffee over 2 days

400 Consumer Winners Pan Am

Vintage Explorer bags



 3.1 rating (A18-49) with

10.87M Total Viewers.

Second in timeslot behind

Sunday Night Football.



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