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Feel like the lone blue crayon in a box full of pink ones? Has your Muscle & Fitness magazine bathroom reading collection been replaced with Pottery Barn and Real Simple?


Well, it’s time to hear from YOU -- the real man’s men in the world!


What’s it like being surrounded by women all day at work or at home? 


Here is a fun and highly-relatable value-added radio promotion I spearheaded to promote Tim Allen's return to television in the premiere of ABC's Last Man Standing



Tie-in to the Last Man Standing National Twitter Campaign with local celebrity DJs tweeting their own "Man Among Women" stories and encouraging listeners to participate to win prizes. DJs provided live Twitter updates On Air and read their favorite “Man Among Women” Submissions.


Stations Executed the Twitter Contest via:

  • Option 1:  Listeners tweeted their stories to the station (@wxyz) and the station chose a random winner.  

  • Option 2:  Listeners tweeted their stories to the station (@wxyz) and stations sent a re-tweet with a hyperlink, directing participants to station website where they entered to win


Participating Markets: NY, LA, SF, Dallas, Houston, Atlanta, Philly, DC, Boston, Detroit, Miami, Seattle, Phoenix, Minneapolis



Ultimate Survival Kit

iPod and Docking Station, Noise Canceling Headphones


A Night Out for the “Last Men Standing”

Tickets to Local Sports Game, Dinner and Transportation for Winner & Friends


Net Cost:          $150,314

# Spots:            865

Flighting:         1 week prior to premiere

Commitment:  40 GRPs / market (:30s & :60s)


  • Dayparts-25% each AM Drive, Midday, PM Drive, Evening/Weekend


  • 66% of GRPs (26.4) aired as DJ Endorsements (live or live to tape)


  • Minimum 2 DJ Endorsements/day, heaviest 3 days prior to premiere


  • 34% of GRPs (13.6) aired as branded promotional announcements



33,008,500 Total Impressions



3.5 rating (A18-49) with 13.19M Total Viewers




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