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Dwayne Johnson

NBA Finals

Through a partnership I brokered with ESPN and ABC, we were able to leverage first-ever on-air TV ads for Teremana in the 2020 NBA Finals.


In exchange for DJ’s support of Game 2, Game 4 and Leslie Jones’ new show, Supermarket Sweep on ABC, I was able to secure (10) TV media units surrounding the NBA Finals across ABC and ESPN equating to $4.2M+ in paid media value for Teremana, offering the brand exposure to a 4-quad national audience diverse in gender, race and age.


I was able to leverage an additional :15 unit during Jimmy Kimmel's Game Night special on ABC. 


Promised: 6 x :30, 3 x :15 = 3:45 

Delivered: 7 x :30, 3 X :15 = 4:15



DJ posted a photo of himself having dinner while watching Game 2 of the NBA Finals as part of the strategy to remind folks to watch. He also posted this inspiring video in support of Game 4 of the finals that featured audio from his inspirational talk with the LA Lakers rooting a message of his motivational words: ‘They’re Not Going to Stop ME.' Engagement was off the charts on both posts:

10/2 PHOTO

LIKES: 2,650,525

COMMENTS: 16,012

SHARES: 29,519

SAVES: 20,119

REACH: 30,819,949

IMPRESSIONS: 33,072,448

10/6 VIDEO

VIEWS: 2,093,170 

LIKES: 376,376

SAVES: 2,506

SHARES: 4,569

REACH: 6,743,605

IMPRESSIONS: 7,607,242




As part of agreed upon synergistic support, DJ sent Leslie Jones, host of Supermarket Sweep on ABC, a savory bouquet of Teremana to her home to add to her surprise and organic delight timed to her personal viewing party. What resulted was a funny post from Leslie, later reposted by DJ, of course!


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