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Dwayne Johnson


Celebrating the launch of ZOA Energy, I was able to negotiate a unique partnership with XBOX that positioned ZOA in front the gaming community--a highly engaged energy drink consumer.  As a new brand in the marketplace, gamers represent a critical consumer segment for ZOA adoption.


Striking the right balance in tone of voice was crucial here, especially knowing that gamers are savvy to outright advertising and anything that does not feel authentic to their community. This was actually a great challenge because DJ, too, is not supportive of anything that is not genuinely on brand for himself. Being that he personally is not a gamer, we had our work cut out for us to strike a creative thread between both our worlds! 

The most authentic creative approach began with featuring DJ where he consumes ZOA and integrating the gaming community by way of a well-known industry personality. As such, DJ allowed gamers a peek into his pre-workout routine perfectly powered up by ZOA. As he moves through his warm-ups, we hear the narration stylings of Alex “Goldenboy” Mendez—the industry’s best hype man. In the video, Dwayne powers up and boosts his stats with a refreshing can of ZOA Energy pulled from a custom XBOX Series X ZOA mini-fridge. He shows gamers all around the focal point of his healthy, positive life—ZOA. 



XBOX posted in social and on platform via XBOX Live Dashboard,, Rewards Dash, and their newsletter, totaling $1.7MM in media value. Additionally, XBOX and ZOA created seeding kits sent to gamers at press outlets, trade and influencers generating significant earned media. (Check out DJ's unboxing video below!). I was also able to negotiate paid media from XBOX in addition to production costs equaling $100K to fund the campaign.

Seeding Kit



Between DJ’s amazing unboxing video (which amassed 2M views in under 24 hours), the gamified bespoke content featuring DJ and Alex ‘Goldenboy’ Mendez and our press/influencer seeding kit program, we experienced an amazing surge of traffic to!

Program Highlights Here:


  • 5K unique visitors to the site from our media links 

  • Sessions: 17,549 sessions to This represents the # of times people engaged with our ZOA

  • Total sessions for the day: 43,024 which means close to 50% of promotion launch day site traffic came from one activation—that is impressive!

    • 41% of total site sessions occurred on the Xbox page

  • 258 new customers joined ZOA’s Gaming Community by sharing their email from the on-page gamer specific pop-up which means about 5% of the people coming to site signed up for our newsletter. This is phenomenal when comparing against the sites average rate 0.8%!

    •    .92% conversion rate

Additionally, within our first day, the editorial coverage was off the charts with reach of nearly 44 million core targets, including hits from top gaming and consumer lifestyle publications like: 

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