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Dwayne Johnson


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I led 360-strategy, pitching and development of this new partnership to DJ's portfolio, ACORNS, specifically identifying the synergistic axis of the partner's product and DJ's brand:

"It Begins with $7 Bucks"


This heartfelt program encourages families to begin investing early for their children's future.


And to kick off the partnership campaign, each new Acorns Early family received $7 bucks invested into their Acorns Early account.  This $7 dollar investment amount is key in that it signifies a time in DJ's life when he'd been cut from the Canadian Football League and had just $7 bucks in his pocket. It was in this pivotal moment that he decided to chart his own course by putting in the work with his own two hands. DJ, as we all know, has since become a global entertainment icon and entrepreneurial force--the perfect partner to share Acorns motto, 'from acorns mighty oaks do grow.'

In addition to leading strategy and creative development, I ushered in support from Acorns to fund their first-ever :30 ad and buy time during the Young Rock premiere on NBC. Securing first break, first pod position delivered key audience retention, indeed! A company-first for Acorns, this brand association provided a rush of new member sign-ups. 


Additionally, I was able to work with DJ's legal and management teams to create a new revenue source from this partnership via financial cut from new sign ups!

Working across all aspects of this partnership, I collaborated on the crafting of according press release and managed all Publicity teams to generate consumer, trade and business press. Significant hits included: 

  • (UVM: 34,200,026) 

  • (UVM: 37,608,88) 

  • PR Newswire (UVM: 9,372,666)

  • Variety

  • Associated Press

  • Business Insider

  • International Business Times 

  • Yahoo! Finance & Yahoo! News

  • Bloomberg Law

  • MSN & MSN Entertainment

  • Market Watch

  • Market Screener

Being cognizant not to transform DJ's social channels into a sponsored barker channel, I identified an opportunity that allowed DJ to provide sustaining support for the partnership in an authentic way.  

DJ had once shared in a team meeting that he received the most remarkable letter from high school student, Lorraine Angelakos, who had graduated earlier in the year from Pompano Beach High School in Florida. She had written him an inspiring letter sending it along with $7 dollars as a down payment to have him speak at her graduation.


This letter became the perfect tool to align with what DJ's partnership with Acorns stands for--investing in your kid's future. As such, DJ surprised Lorraine in a post by announcing that he used her $7 to open an Acorns account for her and that every week, for the rest of her four-year college education, Acorns would be depositing $7 into her account thereby investing in her future!

DJ went on to Johnson post a 12-minute graduation address on social in which he thanked Angelakos and hoped she and other students become the “empathetic, compassionate leaders” that the United States desperately needs.

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